If you and your guests are competitive, you'll love participating in Singing, Dancing and Trivia games.
I'll be your official game Emcee, as you team up or fly solo, and compete to win awards and prizes!

* You provide your winners with awards and prizes, and I'll provide the awards music.


Competitors are asked questions about interesting but unimportant facts in many subjects. Each game includes a series of multiple choice questions. If you answer a question incorrectly or let the time run out, you're out. If you answer the questions correctly, you win.

Karaoke Roulette

To play this game, write down the names of all of your party guests and place them in a hat or bowl. Scroll through the list of karaoke tunes, stopping at random. Then pull one of the names out of the hat. The person who is called must come up and sing the highlighted song.


Two people stand facing each other, holding the Limbo pole between them at chest height, while others take turns walking under the pole. It’s easy at first, but gets harder as the stick is moved lower and lower. Anyone who touches the stick or the ground or falls is out.

* Make it more fun and exciting by having music played during the game.

Lip Sync Battle

A contest where two contestants separately compete against one another by lip syncing (moving their lips silently in synchronization with a prerecorded song). Both contestants can pick out a song of their choice and then, one at a time, pretend to sing along with the music. The rest of the guests pick the winner by cheering for each and whoever gets the loudest cheers is the winner.

* The contestants can select a costume and/or props to perform with; provided by the Client.

Musical Chairs

When the music starts playing, contestants start walking in a circle around chairs. When the music is turned off the players find a chair to sit down in. There will be one player left without a chair to sit in because there is one less chair than players and that player is out of the game. Remove one more chair and play again. Continue playing rounds until the one person left becomes the winner.

Great Minds Think Alike

Divide guests into teams, and provide a pencil and paper to each player. Emcee reads from a list of 10 questions, one at a time. As each question is asked, guests writes down the first three things that come to their mind. After all of the questions have been asked, count how many people on each team wrote a word that another of their team members wrote down. Points are awarded based on how many people have similar words. The team with the most points wins.