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Can you guess that voice? Have players sit in chairs with their back to the singer. The singer performs in a funny voice and the other players write down who they think is the secret star. The person who guesses the singer wins!


The guests dance during a song.  At some point, we stop the music and call out a number.  The guests must hold hands or hug to form circles with as many people as the number called.  If we call "5" all people who did not get in a circle or do not have 5 in their circle are out.  This continues until there are just 1 to 2 people left.


Mix things up with this fun karaoke game. Place all players’ names in a hat and scroll through a list of songs. Stop at a random song and choose a name from the hat. The player chosen must sing that song!


Two people hold either end of a stick at chest height. They should hold the stick in cupped hands, so that it will fall easily if touched. The participants take turns going under the stick without touching the stick, bending their knees and leaning as far back as necessary. No hands may touch the floor. This will be easy at first, but with each round the stick gets lower. Anyone who falls or touches the ground with their hands is out.


Contestants perform against one another by taking turns miming (pretending to sing) a popular pre-recorded song.  The crowd then votes on the best performance.


Players form a circle around the dance floor. Choose one player to go first. That player will step into the center of the circle and make up a dance move. The next player will step into the center and repeat the same dance move. After that player mimics the dance move of the first player, he then performs one of his own. It is up to the next player to repeat both dance moves and add a third. The game continues with each dancer repeating and then adding a “new” dance move to the list. Anyone who can’t copy or forgets the succession of dance moves is out. The play continues until only “one” dancer remains.


Line up chairs up in the middle of the room, making sure there is one less chair then their are participants.  Players dance, and when the music stops, they head for the chairs.  The player left standing when all the chairs are taken is eliminated, a chair is removed, and the dancers return to the dance floor for the next round. 


Players can be divided into teams or go solo while the non-singers compete. The singer sings a tune and each person (or team) tries to guess it. Whoever gets the song title and artist first gets a point. 


This game tests your creative ability to come up with believably bad alternative lyrics. Players pick a song from a hat and have 15 seconds to come up with a silly “misheard version” of that song. 


Organize the game in advance by creating a list of objects to find and clues to help the players locate the items. To play the game, divide the players into 2 teams, and give them the first clue. Once the players find the first item, they can locate the second with help from the next clue. When the time limit runs out, count the items collected from both teams. The team with the most clues is the winner!


One person is designated Simon, the others are the players. Standing in front of the group, Simon tells players what they must do. However, the players must only obey commands that begin with the words “Simon Says.” If Simon says, “Simon says touch your nose,” then players must touch their nose.


Guests line up one behind the other.  Starting at one end, whisper a detailed sentence or two into the first person's ear. You can only say it once, no repeating.  Then, that person whispers it to the second person in line, and so on until the last person in line hears the sentence.  That person announces the sentence they heard to the group.  The miscommunications are usually very funny:)


Participants guess the answers to thousands of trivia questions in various categories, such as music, movies, fads, sports, and more.


Two players take turns having a "sing off" to a popular song. The crowd votes on the standout star performance!