Toth Moses



Moses Toth grew up in Huntington Beach, CA.  His father, Gene – a professional blues musician, and his mother, Elaine, an accomplished classical pianist and painter – filled their Southern California home with a wide variety of music and art.  And it wasn't long before Moses discovered... he could sing.
It was the early 80's, and Moses, 10 years old at the time, was invited by a friend to join the Grammy-nominated children's music group, Psalty. Despite a shy disposition, the experience of speaking, singing, acting, and dancing on stage would embolden Moses to pursue his musical dreams.  "Funny... being on stage is a foreboding experience for most.  But for me... it was a haven." 

Up and running...

Over the next few years, Moses would record and tour with the children's music company throughout the U.S.  And he also began working as a studio vocalist for recording artists and labels.  

During this time, he started teaching himself to play piano and guitar at home.  "I tried a few music teachers, but the pace was too slow.  I needed the fast track."  



Moses was an avid reader with a love for language.  In his teens, he began combining his love for music and language by writing original songs.  And he discovered he had a natural inclination for it.  "My songwriting teachers were Billy Joel, James Taylor, U2...  I didn't just listen to music... I studied it."
 In his senior year of high school, Moses and a group of friends put together their first Pop-Rock band, Reconciled.  After two years together, the band broke up when early negotiations with a local record company proved to be against the band's best interest.  "I dodged a 7-year contractual bullet... and learned the value of reading the fine print."

Turning point...

 In the early 90's, Moses pursued a Music Education Degree at Long Beach State University.  During this time he started up the Prog-Rock
group, A Band Called Moses.  Representatives at Sony and Interscope expressed interested in the band.  But Moses decided to end the project to pursue songwriting full-time.  "Having a band was a great vehicle to assess the public's opinion of my writing skills.  It was always a means to an end."
So over the next 10 years, Moses worked as a freelance songwriter for artists, bands, studios, radio programs and label showcases.  He also began sharpening his skills as a music director and producer.  "You need to spin a lot of plates in this industry if you want to last."

The high-ups...

 In 2004, Moses wrote, produced and starred in the Christmas musical, The Nazarene.  The production garnered the attention of Disney and DreamWorks.   That same year he bested over 400 competitors to win The Embassy Music Performer competition in Nashville, Tennessee.

The future...

 Since then, Moses has been working as a songwriter with the writers/producers of  Family Affair Productions; (One Direction and  Fifth Harmony). He is currently writing a musical based on the writings of Grammy-award winning author Shel Silverstein.  And he is among the top live music entertainers in Southern California today.
 "For over 20 years, I've had the privilege of doing what I love.  Here's to another 20.  What a gift."